Upper Trinity
Regional Water District

900 North Kealy Street
P.O. Box 305
Lewisville, Texas 75067
(972) 219-1228

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In 1989, communities of the Denton County area requested the legislature to create Upper Trinity Regional Water District- - with a priority mission to develop a regional strategy for water supply. Working with Members and Customers, Upper Trinity is planning today for the water this region will need tomorrow. By state law, we must plan ahead for at least 50 years.

Because ground water (from wells) is so limited in this region, the most reliable water for the future is from surface water sources (from lakes). Therefore, to provide a reliable, secure and adequate water supply for this region, Upper Trinity is developing a comprehensive and diversified portfolio of water supply sources. Present supplies are adequate for about 25 years, and additional water sources are needed to extend the supply to 50 years.

Upper Trinity Regional Water District's Diversified Water Portfolio

  • Local water in Lewisville Lake and Ray Roberts Lake
  • Chapman (Cooper) Lake in northeast Texas
  • Proposed Lake Ralph Hall in Fannin County
  • Proposed reuse of water from water reclamation plants
  • Possible additional water from Sulphur River Basin
  • Proposed purchase of additional water from City of Dallas

Recognizing that it takes 25 to 35 years to develop a lake, additional sources must be identified today so they can be developed in time for tomorrow. Proposed Lake Ralph Hall represents a strategic opportunity for an investment in the future economy of this region- -an investment for our families.

Before : Erosion Threatens Environment            After : Water for the People




Upper Trinity Regional Water District (UTRWD) is seeking Statements of Qualifications for Professional Engineering Consultant for the Lake Ralph Hall Conveyance System General Engineering Consultant. Interested firms may register and obtain documents from CIVCAST or contact Rae Langston at rlangston@utrwd.com .

Upper Trinity’s Land Office is now open!
We’re located at 10910 State Highway 34, Ladonia, TX 75449.
If you have questions, please call us at 903-367-7008.


With Vision and courage, we plan.
With cooperation and committment, we serve.