Upper Trinity
Regional Water District

900 North Kealy Street
P.O. Box 305
Lewisville, Texas 75067
(972) 219-1228

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A Reliable Water Supply with Regional Benefits

boys in creekDependable Water Yield
Proposed Lake Ralph Hall will provide approximately 30 million gallons of water per day (mgd), plus about 15 mgd of reuse for the Upper Trinity service area, the City of Ladonia and Fannin ;County.
Though similar in size to Grapevine Lake, greater rainfall in the Sulphur River Basin will allow Lake Ralph Hall to yield about 20% more water.

A Good Site
Field studies confirm that the North Sulphur River near the City of Ladonia is a good site for a new water supply lake. the site has no oil or gas wells, no cemeteries, no major pipelines or electric transmission lines.

Environmental Benefits
During the 1930's, North Sulphur River was channelized to 20 ft. wide and 10 ft. deep to stop flooding of valuable farmland near the City of Ladonia. After 70 years, incessant erosion has destroyed original wetlands and quality habitat, even state highway bridges. The channel is now 200 to 300 ft. wide and over 60 ft. deep. Lake Ralph Hall will help address this erosion and improve the habitat for fish and wildlife.

Just in Time
Lake Ralph Hall can be completed in time to meet new water needs within 25 years by turning the eroded river channel into a healthy lake. With Lake Ralph Hall, Upper Trinity avoids relying on other
water projects with higher risk and longer development schedules.

Jobs and Economic Benefits
Lake Ralph Hall and its water supply will bring approximately $18 billion in economic benefits to Denton, Dallas, Collin and Fannin Counties.

Water We Own
When the Lake Ralph Hall "water rights" permit is granted, Upper Trinity will own this valuable water supply, reducing our dependence on others. Just like owning a home rather than renting, the planning and construction costs will eventually be paid off. The savings from the low-cost water will be a permanent benefit for Upper Trinity's water customers.

Planning Pays Off
The pipeline that now delivers water from Chapman Lake was built with enough capacity to carry the water from Lake Ralph Hall to Upper Trinity. 

Smart Investment
Long-range water supply planning over the next few years will cost each resident about $2.00 per year, about the costs of one gallon of water at the store. Planning ahead will assure that Upper Trinity has choices between water supply options, a smart investment for the future.